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What is Souptoberfest you ask?

A brilliant creation spearheaded by our Watchdog Editor Christine in our newsroom.  Quite a few wonderful chef’s brought in their soup creations and a TON of us brought in various kinds of bread to accompany them.

Obviously this newsroom loves Carb!!!

There were 10 different varieties to taste:

Turkey Mole Chili
Turkey Chili
Italian Wedding
Matzoh Ball
Beef Veggie
Beer and Cheese
Chicken Spinach
Crab Chowder
Butternut Squash and Pear
Potato Leek

Nearly empty Chicken-Spinach and Beer Cheese Soup

The Chili Corner (a mild debate in the newsroom as to whether or not Chili is soup)

It seems that most of us took the ‘taste-test’ approach, just a tiny ladle of each soup, to determine where our votes would go. Thanks to a co-worker’s brilliant idea, there were envelopes next to each crock pot of soup and once you’ve determined your favorite, you could place a $1 or whatever in that envelope. The one with the most amount of money in it will be the winner. All monies will be donated to the soup kitchen that the retirees assist with once a month.

I have to say that by the amount of roaming around by all of us, this event was a HUGE success. I would have to save even better than our past cereal days. (SIDE NOTE: In the past we have had our infamous Cereal day where everyone would bring in their favorite box of ‘sugary’ cereal and then votes would be counted to see which cereal won. )

Kudos to Christine and all that help organize this event. Well done.