So this weekend while planning my menu for the week, I decided I would use one of my ‘try-me’ recipes. I perused my rather large pile that is waiting for me, and decided upon Beef Tagine with Butternut Squash.

So tonight after having a visit with my grams, I returned home and jumped right in. I had actually cut up the butternut squash this morning before leaving for work to try and save myself some time.  The recipe was not at all hard. Check it out:

So Cooking light suggested that I make Couscous with scallions as a side. (A side note: As my usual m.o. I tend to always make a recipe exactly according to directions the first time around. If after that first time, I decide to make it again, I usually adjust it with my suggestions then.)  Everything went according to direction and plan…except that it took more than the 15 minutes as stated in the recipe for the butternut squash to be completely tender.

The result: It wasn’t exactly a disaster like my post title suggest, the disaster part comes in, when it was put on the table. My hubby (God love him), gave it the good ‘ol college try’…but did not really enjoy this evenings meal. It reminded him too much of stew (even though that is kinda what it was)….and he REALLY didn’t like the texture of the couscous. My thoughts: I didn’t think that it was all that bad…more of a fall meal, than a spring meal, however still not all that bad. The spices gave the Tagine a very nice flavor, however the couscous was a bit dry.

So unfortunately, the recipe hit the trash can this evening, just wasn’t popular enough in our house. I attached the recipe above, so please if it looks like something you might perhaps like, give it a go and let me know how your house thinks.

Tornado warnings in this area tonight, of course nothing like the folks had out in Joplin, Mo. last night, so please everyone, be safe and keep the folks out in Mo. in our thoughts.

– Jessica