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Time seems to keep slipping past me…everyday I think to myself, you should blog, and then it just doesn’t happen. So here we are two days after the holiday, and I am just getting to it.

The hubby and myself went to his brother and sister-in-laws for a memorial day picnic. My sister-in-law and myself had planned who was bringing/preparing what and because I seem to be the ‘dessert person’ (not a name I mind), it was up to me to find the sweet to end the meal.

Because picnics tend to be BIG for foods that are oh so good, but not necessarily so for the waist line, I decided to head on the lighter side of dessert. A number of years ago I decided to buy a trifle bowl. It has since sat in my cupboard waiting for me to make a luscious dessert to fill it. Well now was the time.

I browsed online for trifle and came upon many options, none of which totally grabbed me, so I decided to pull a few ‘good ideas’ from various recipes and come up with my own. The result was a Berry-Lemon Trifle. I so wish I had taken a picture of this devine bowl of goodness. I promise next time I make it (which I will), I will post a photo.

Very easy to make and delicious to boot. Here’s what I did:

I made an Angel Food cake (yes, box mix) in two loaf pans according to the directions on the box the night before. The next morning, I cut the cake up into little pieces and set aside.

Empty two boxes of sugar-free lemon instant pudding into a bowl, mix with 2 1/2 cups of skim milk, whisk for two minutes, then stir in 1 1/2 cups of Cool Whip lite.

Four cups of washed variety of berries (I used strawberries, raspberries and blueberries), and sliced the strawberries. Reserve 1/4 cup of berries for garnish.

Now it is time to put it all together. First throw in a layer of angel food bites. Then a layer of pudding mixture, followed by a layer of berries. I repeated this twice. I took the leftover Cool Whip and spread over the top layer of the trifle, followed by the reserved berries. And presto, your dessert is complete. Just sit back and enjoy.

The reaction at our picnic was ALL positive. Nannie H said ‘you should put this in a competition at one of the local fairs….it is REALLY good.’

So please, the next time you are in need of a dessert and you think you want something lighter….try this out!!