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Do you pack a lunch for work everyday?

I tend to think that most of do, especially in this economy.  I pack my lunch five days a week and yes at times it can be a royal PAIN. Some days, I stand in my kitchen at 5:30 in the morning thinking ‘Okay what to eat today? Same as yesterday I suspect.’ It tends to be hard to be creative that early in the morning.

My main reason for talking about my pretty normal, perhaps boring lunch today is that over the weekend I got a new sandwich container which I absolutely love. Alan and I were shopping at our favorite grocery store and I was perusing the kitchen gadgets and came upon a pile of these:

It’s a square BPA free plastic container from a company called Sistema Plastics. Check out their website….they were founded in 1990 in Auckland New Zealand and have some really nice products.
What I like most about this new sandwich container is that it actually has snaps on two sides to make sure that what you put in the container indeed stays there, but also that they have a really nice seal in the lid that prevents spills.

It comes in a multitude of colors and was reasonably priced at our grocery store ($2.49) and of course because I’m a girl, I had to pick up the hot pink container. It’s just too cute.

What do you tend to store your lunch in to take to work?

Have a great afternoon.


photo credit: me