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When making lunches to take to work, I love to put snacks in besides the sandwich and drink. Our lunches always have fresh fruit involved (which tend to be my snacks)…usually at least two pieces of fruit and depending on the season it can be anything from grapes, to melons, to nectarines and anything in between.

So while like I said snacks in our house (for lunches) tend to be fruits, I changed it up a bit for Alan this week in that I decided to add one of our favorite simple ‘go to’ snacks. I will put this out for a snack while making dinners some nights as well. What is it you ask:

Fresh cucumbers peeled and  sliced with a light dusting of sea salt. As long as you watch how much salt you are throwing on top, this is quite the healthy little snack and tastes great too.

What types of healthy snacks do you pack for lunches? I would love to hear from you. I can always use new ideas.

Wednesday is half over, so that means the week is too!!!


Photo credit: me.