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The other day I was out shopping at my favorite grocery store Wegmans and discovered they had a new selection of a product I had only bought once before.

They are called Love Beets and I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. According to their website they have four varieties: Sweetfire Beets, Honey and Ginger, White Wine and Balsamic Vinegar and Beets dipped in a fine mild vinegar. The first time I saw this product about four months ago they only had one of the varieties at Wegmans.  I tried the Sweetfire Beets. The beets are infused with a marinade that gives these little veggies a heck of a kick. But no lie, I loved them. First you get the sweet and then that fire hits you at the end.

So this week while perusing the veggie section, I noticed they had others to choose from…my choice this week:

Love Beets Honey and Ginger. While making dinner last night, I wanted something to nibble on, so I decided to taste test these lovelies. Again, I absolutely loved them. You were able to get a nice fresh taste of the beets, with just a tinge of honey. It was delish. So far I have been extremely satisfied. They are definitely a nice little treat and the best part of course is that they are a veggie, not some sugary sweet dessert which would have WAY more calories and fat.  Take a peak they aren’t that bad:

Apologies if you are having a hard time reading the nutritional value. 82 calories and 2 grams of fat for approximately a third of the package. Now usually when I nibble on these, I generally only have about one or two…so I don’t feel bad about eating these for a treat. They do come in a rather small package, however in my household, I AM the only one eating these. Alan gives me really dirty looks when I open them up….you might think they were going to jump out of the packaging and chase him around.  Oh well, to each their own.

If you seem them in your grocery store and you love beets, I would highly suggest picking up a package and giving them a try.

Do you ever peruse the store and find an amazing product?


photo credit: me