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Last night Alan and I ran up to visit his parents (after his father was released from the hospital)….long story. We wanted to check to see how he was doing and perhaps a little lawn mowing as well.  We did both, lawn is now mostly done (ran out of gas, but the majority of it was completed) and we were able to make sure Charlie was doing okay.

After we left the in-laws house Alan wanted to decompress from his stressful day by popping in to the Blue Valley Farm Show. The farm show is your typical small town fair, with animals, baked goods and other crafts being exhibited, tons of fair food and rides. Mostly a huge hangout for the teenage crowd (at least what we saw last night). So after walking around and catching up with some friends the smells of fair food was getting to us both. Now I usually do not partake in the fair food mostly because although usually VERY tasty, we all know that it is sooooo bad for us.

Fair food won last night. I had this HUGE craving for funnel cake last night. While standing in line at the stand, I was telling Alan that I think it’s been about 12 years since I last had one. Gotta say it didn’t disappoint. So now I am good for another 12 years. However while standing in line for the funnel cake we both noticed the other items for sale and one just intrigued us too much to pass up.

Deep fried Pop Tarts.

This wasn't the one we ate, but looked very similar.

Yes, that is what I said…..I guess they can fry anything. So we both looked at one another and decided what the heck…lets try one. So for $3 we got sucked in BIG TIME with fair food.

It is kind of hard to describe a deep fried pop tart, however I honestly cannot say that is was bad. Bad for us, yes…but bad in flavor…no. The strawberry filling inside was warm and gooey and it kind of melted in your mouth.

Would I be the first in line to eat one again, probably not, however I was glad that we tried it. Guess you could say it satisfied my curiosity with all these weird fried foods they have the local fair.

All in all an unexpected evening at the Blue Valley Farm show was fun and oddly enough allowed Alan to stop thinking about work for five minutes. So in my eyes a great evening.

What is the strangest fair food you’ve eaten?


photo credit: Nadja robot