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If you recall I wrote a couple of weeks ago how I held a Pampered Chef party. Ah what fun it was. Well last week I received the shipment at the apartment. Not sure why I was really all that surprised, however I had three rather large boxes that I had to haul out of the Clubhouse mail room and into my car and then from car to apartment. Let’s just say I got an added little bit of extra exercise that night. Unfortunately Alan and I had other obligations that night, so there sat my shipment and I could hardly wait to rip into them to start dividing up the order. I ended up working on the orders the next night, and I was in heaven.

If any of you are remotely like me, someone who loves the kitchen, therefore LOVES kitchen gadgets….you will love the following photos. I think I will let the photos speak for themselves….Enjoy.

The Delivery

Look at just some of the goodies.

My little helper....

The pile of gadgets.

The packages for all my guests.

My goodies!! And just for the record, I've used quite a bit of them.


photos: me