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Last weekend was a pretty nice preview of the upcoming fall season. The temps were cool and the weather quite decent. (i.e. that means no rain – around here). Though I like living in an area where there are four seasons, I have to say that Fall is my absolute favorite. The colors, the temps, the comfort food, being able to cozy up in a sweatshirt in the evenings….ahhh – nothing like it.

I had briefly mentioned my desire earlier in the week to Alan that I wanted to go apple picking – potentially over the weekend. So when Saturday morning rolled around, I just knew that today was the day.

I had recently seen a post on Facebook from The Bridgeton House talking about apple picking at Solebury Orchards in New Hope and since we haven’t been down in Bucks County for a while, I thought that would be the place to go. After getting a few things accomplished around the apartment, Alan and I jumped in the SUV and started our little road trip.

The orchard was a very busy place. Set back off a country road, it was busier than I thought it would be. We finally figured out where to go to be able to get out to the trees to pick our apples. We climbed up into a tractor drawn wagon and headed out.  The apple selection for Saturday was Honey Crisps and we were instructed to pick from two specific rows. When we were told that, my first thought was ‘wow there are a lot of us here picking apples, will there be enough?’ Sure enough though….plenty to pick from.

Waiting for the wagon to take us to the field.

Let the picking begin....let's fill that bag.

Alan climbed the ladder to reach the really nice apples....looks good.

Two happy apple pickers....(of course not the most flattering photo fo me - hey it's tough taking a photo of yourselves.)

Solebury Orchards - Great place.

"That's one HEAVY bag...huh Alan?"

After picking what amounts to a paper shopping bag full of beautiful apples, we headed back on another wagon and got the bag weighed so that we could pay. We ended up with 23.8 pounds of apples. Alan had asked me earlier in the field, how many pounds we picked, I guessed 25…guess I wasn’t too far off. Inside the barn we waited in line to pay up…of course while waiting in line, we picked up Apple cider and Cider donuts!!! Both were fantastically delicious.

After finishing up at the orchards, we decided since we were in the area, we would head to downtown New Hope, since neither of us has been there in more than a few years. If any of you have been to New Hope, you know just how crazy it can be in the area. So as we drove through, we (of course) had a little trouble finding parking and ended up going across the bridge to Lambertville, New Jersey and finding parking there. In the end, it was perfect, as we were able to browse through Lambertville and then across the bridge to New Hope.

Alan and I perused a few shops and enjoyed the scenery and as the afternoon wore on, we ended up deciding that we were pretty hungry, so ended up eating at Bitter Bobs BBQ. We browsed the menu and apparently great minds think alike – we decided on –

The Whale
Diced Chicken Fingers, Bacon, French Fries, American Cheese, Diced Pickles, Red Onion, Lettuce and Tomato with BBQ Mayo served in a Wrap.

Alan eating al fresco at Bitter Bobs.

Now obviously, this sandwich is in NO WAY healthy for us….but since we ended up eating so late in the afternoon, that was pretty much lunch and dinner. And….it was delicious!!!! It really hit the spot. After enjoying that sandwich, we had to head back towards the car as we were losing time on our meter. Of course before heading back over the bridge, we hit the Starbucks for coffee….because we are majorly addicted to that place. A nice stroll back over the bridge with a nice Skinny Caramel Macchiato was just absolutely delightful and the perfect way to end the day.

What are your favorite things to do during the fall season?

Keep a look out for an upcoming post on what I did with all of those apples….(and actually we still have a ton.)