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I am in search of a little advice.

After Alan and I got married, I started cooking with our new 10-piece cookware set from Calphalon.  The set we received (which was on our registry) is the Calphalon One Infused Anodized. It looks something like this:

Calphalon One

I absolutely love the set, however I am still having a bit of trouble cooking on a surface that isn’t non-stick. Before getting this set, I use to cook with non-stick cookware and so I am very used to that surface.

Was hoping that all you great chefs out there, could pass along a little advice on how best to cook with anodized surface?

I’ve gotten the cleaning up part down pat, I usually use Bar Keepers Friend first and then finish it off with Dawn and the pans come out looking absolutely beautiful.

Thanks in advance!!


Photo credit: Calphalon.com