Ah….Monday morning…you arrive so quickly. I am quite sure that I am not the only one of us who feels that way.

My standard practice of getting coffee at work has been altered, and I must say I’m not the least upset about it. Usually I head over to the Dunkin Donuts across the street from work with a co-worker everyday. We greet our favorite baristas and enjoy our coffee for the rest of the morning. Well today I decided I was looking for a way to save a little money when it comes to the coffee routine and the light bulb finally went on this morning while preparing for work.

Let me take you back…A few weeks ago Alan and I were in New England visiting a bunch of family and one of those stops happen to be at my sisters. While we were visiting and talking over coffee, she said to me that she received this Tassimo home brewing system a while ago for free (for apparently being a coffee lover). She said that because they had the coffee maker in the kitchen and the Keurig in the bathroom, she really had no use for it. Did I want it? How could I turn my nose away from a freebie!!!! So without giving it too much thought as to where I might use the Tassimo, we packed it up and brought it home – where it has been sitting for the past month….until today.

The light bulb finally went on this morning (why it took so long – not a clue). Anyway I pack up the Tassimo, the T-discs and stopped at Giant on my way into work for some Fat Free Half-n-Half and around 11 a.m. this morning brewed my first cup of joe. I have to say the result: I thought it was a pretty darn good cup of coffee. The process of making that coffee couldn’t be simpler. Just add water to the reservoir, place the T-disc in the holder, shut the lid and press a button. About a minute later: Ta-Da!!!

Tassimo home brewing system

My apologies for the small photo size….came from my iPhone.

So it was a great experience and will continue to use the Tassimo to get me through the morning here at work.

Hope you are all surviving your Monday.


photo credit: me and the iPhone